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I Hereby Agree & Acknowledge… No refunds or compensations will be dealt to that vendor. There will be absolutely no exceptions made in this case. 

- UNDS Events is not responsible for sales for vendors. All vendors are responsible for their own merchandise and revenue generated at the event. We will have security on site but you will still be responsible for any of your merchandise. 
- UNDS Events is not responsible for any lost or stolen goods. 
- All ticket sales are final. Refunds will not be given in any circumstance. 
- UNDS Events expects all vendors to sell authentic goods. Vendors selling anything that might be deemed counterfeit will be asked to leave and will be escorted out by event security. *We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to counterfeit goods. 

- UNDS Events is an event promoter and does not have to fulfill any duties that are not mentioned within the rules and regulations. If there are any special requests made by vendors, they must be emailed to before August 17th, 2019. All requests after that date will not be considered.



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